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to save to your device, long tap the gif above and then your device should ask you to copy or save image. If you can't seem to save to mobile try the copy button. That has allowed us to paste the GIF directly in our apps such as Twitter.

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Why is my Emoji GIF blank or contain some weird characters?

We've found there are some Emojis that aren't supported for one reason or another. We are looking into a solution for it, but at this time we suggest using either the emoji keyboard that appears when you click on the smiley face OR use the emoji keyboard on your mobile device.

You are freakin' Harry Potter!

First off, that isn't a question. Secondly I consider myself more Bob the Builder than Harry Potter when it comes to this solution. The majority of the coding came from a suggestion from Sarah Jackson, coded by Pieter Levels and shared on Twitter. The code was then modified by another Twitter user and shared in a new Fiddle. I just took this amazing solution, registered a catchy domain name, put a little JS/HTML/CSS on a page and called it a website.

Do you pronounce it as GIF or JIF?

I still pronounce it as GIF but emogifs.com was already registered so I went with emojifs.com.

Why is your coding so ...

Unorganized? Ugly? Thrown together? Basically I just wanted to get this website up ASAP so I could start making emoji GIFs. I'll make sure to clean it up down the road. Until this please feel free to call this the ugliest MVP you've ever seen.

Then who is responsible for the "ugliest MVP"?

That's me! twitter | website